Uli Schwander – 1958, Germany

Working as an independent sculptor since 1989, he has shown his work in individual exhibitions in Germany and Spain, and at many collective shows of international character. His monumental stone sculptures are installed at public spaces in Japan, Vietnam, India, Dubai, Burkina Faso, Cuba, Turkey, Albania, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany. He has participated at many international sculpture symposia and since 2001 he has directed three international sculpture events by himself. His main interest is to favour and to contribute to contemporary, site specific sculpture in both urban and natural contexts. Besides his projects in stone, since a few years he is proposing projects for traffic roundels in corten steel and doing projects for art in nature. His sculpture seems to facilitate an immediate approach, which works as a vehicle to advance towards deeper layers, towards a more complete view of complexity.

© 2011 Uli Schwander