Yutoland Himekami, Tamayama, Iwate, Japan – June/July 1998

>FIVE STAGES< Himekami white granite, 2,5m x 40m x 17m, Himekami hot spring, Tamayama

FIVE STAGES is about the development of human consciousness. Starts with a cube as an all-containing form. Next is a volume of an u-form for unity, which represents the consciousness of a tribe. The third step makes evident a process of separation and individualization with the absence of communication. The elements are separated at the maximum distance. The following stage brings together again individuals, but on a basis of common interests. And finally something unforeseen happens: These seat-forms now are suddenly inverted and orientated towards a centre. The individuals in a more active, responsible and sensible attitude will be able to contribute to the solution of urgent, global problems? (catal. text)