Süleymanpaşa, Tekirdağ, Turkey – Sept. 2018

>THE GRAPE ORACLE< (Üzüm fali) Marmara marble, 260cm x 120cm x 120cm, Süleymanpaşa City Park
detail from the 12+8+4-side

Project Description for >THE GRAPE ORACLE<: The vertical stone block will be devided into 3 cubes, resulting 12 surfaces. On every surface there will be carved a bunch of vine grapes in front of a vine leaf, starting below with a bunch of 12 grapes and loosing always one fruit in clockwise direction, analogue to pulling off the petals of a daisy, ending up at the ‚third floor‘, when lasting only the last grape of the bunch.  The concept for >THE GRAPE ORACLE< might be understood as a funny, public decision making support instrument.