Durbach, Black Forest, Germany – June 1999

>WÜSTE EISZEIT< granite Fichtel mountains, 186cm x 100cm x 80cm, Staufenburg Klinik Durbach

The manner how the work evokes the association of warmth in the coldness, its German title >WÜSTE EISZEIT< (desert – glacial epoch) wants to call attention about both phenomenon of a climate catastrophe which we don´t cease provoking, without taking any serious measure.

The structure of the chiselled surface, the human height of this work and its round plant make easy for blind people the access around and the lecture of it.

The image of the woolen bonnet can evoke winter and snow to the children and to the adults their childhood. On one side memories of the past become conscious and on the other side I think that we need today the unbraked force of imagination, creativity and will of the child to be able to impose worldwide measures, which maybe still can avoid a collapse of the climate.

An enlarged lecture looks towards the climate of society, which has not improved at all with so much progress and comfort but socially talking we’re here spending quite a long time in a glacial epoch. (catalogue text)