The XXV Ube Sculpture Biennale, Yamaguchi – Japan 2013

>NEXT STOP: NATURE< basalt lava bomb Mendig,137cm x 135cm x 215cm, Ube City Park

The concept of this work is situated in the relationship between human being and nature. We owe everything to nature, but we have lost the sense for balance and exploited the resources of nature. The time is coming now we’ve to learn painfully about a responsible approach to nature. After a recent rainfall of 200 l/m2, here in Andalusia, the flood wave in the same dry riverbed, where I’d taken before the stone for the model from, changed a lot the riverbed and destroyed various bridges on its way to the sea and also flooded residential quarters at the coast, causing human victims and immense damages. >NEXT STOP: NATURE< invites every human being to work actively to restore the equilibrium with nature.

At Mayen Kottenheim ready to enter oversea container in April 2013