Fines, Almería, Spain – Sept. 2001

>MARMOBLOC®< white marble Macael(AL), 126cm x 60cm x 40cm

MARMOBLOC® is obviously not one of those ‚magisterial‘ works, which likes to please us by conveying us to the atmosphere of palaces of lavish periods, on which the sun never sets. On the contrary, it does not lead us any further than to the fridge or the next supermarket, the palace of consume. But why give importance to a milk or juice package which, when it’s empty, will be thrown in the garbage? And why portray this icon of consume in big and in marble, and then place it in an industrial context among blocks from the quarry and with factory plants as a background? Is it a portrait of the mentality of the region? Or even a reflection about the accelerated development of an industrial activity which swallows mountains and spits out marble tiles without stopping? The ‚eternal‘ material a product of consume? … The certainty is, that this sculpture is not polished, has its pores open and can generate questions. (catalogue text)